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Pricing and Services

Look Below to see the pricing plans we offer for Walks, Overnight Sits for Cats and Dogs, and additional add ons.


30 Minute Dog Walk (One Dog)


30 Minute Dog Walk 
(Two Dogs)


Drop in Cat Visit

$20 plus $10 for each additional cat

Specialty Animal

price tbd based on type of animal, example: turtles = 20$ per visit, birds=25$ per visit etc.

Overnight Stay with Dogs

$75 for one dog, $50 for each additional dog

Overnight Stay with Cats

75$ for an overnight stay with a cat, $15 for each additional cat

Overnight Stay with high needs animal

$100 for an overnight stay with an elderly dog with medicines and extra issues to be attended to

Overnight Stay with Puppy

100$ for Overnight stay with Puppy due to nature of high needs as a puppy

10% Military and Senior Discount

We proudly offer a discount to Military Members Active and Retired, as well as to our senior Pet Owners.

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